3 Reasons Why I Would Like to Have Longer and Fuller Eyelashes

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Although the standards and yardsticks for gauging beauty in any society differ according to the culture of that civilization, but there are certain features which hold a universal appeal and demand when it comes to being beautiful. One such facial feature is eye lashes. In almost every culture around the globe long eye lashes have been considered a significant symbol of beauty and feminine elegance. One cannot imagine, as to what lengths people go, in order to enhance their eyelash growth. Ranging from herbal supplements to natural applicators such as oils, and from mascaras to gadgetry like eyelash curlers, people go an extra mile to develop and nurture this beauty feature in their personality. However a large population of the world is still oblivious of the astoundingly beneficial effects that longer eyelashes have on one’s self image, her appearance, confidence and even health. This article apprises such readers about the three most important reasons why one should have longer eyelashes.

Reason 1:   Longer Eyelashes are Good for Health: Eyelashes have a very profound effect on the overall health of your eyes. According to a study conducted by Georgia Tech, eyelashes serve three basic purposes. First is to prevent moisture evaporation from eyes. Second is to protect them from dust particle deposition. Third is that they improve the blink reflexes of one’s body. Longer eyelashes give a better advantage for all the three purposes. However too much long or too short is not appreciable as it may affect these three benefits negatively. Fairly long eyelashes are the best.

Reason 2:   They Make You More Attractive: Women with longer eyelashes are generally accepted as more attractive than their counterparts who have normal or short lengths. The reasons for this phenomenon may be diverse, but the fact is universally accepted, that longer eyelashes give you a unique appeal and attraction which is difficult for others to resist. They provide you an elegance that makes you stand out in the crowd, and give you those stunning first looks. This yardstick has been in vogue since times immemorial, that is why women of ancient Egypt took great pains to prepare specific mixtures from natural ingredients, which would give their eyelash growth the desired length to appear attractive.

Reason 3: They Increase Your Self Esteem, Youth and Trustworthiness:   It may sound a little flamboyant, but it is true. Longer eyelashes play a vital role in boosting your self confidence. Whether you grow eyelashes to longer lengths or you are a naturally gifted beauty, in either case they make you subconsciously aware of the fact that you look good and more feminine. This make you feel pleasant about yourself most of the time, and helps you generate those positive vibes which are a necessary ingredient for success in life. Moreover eyelash growth to handsome lengths makes your eyes appear wider like babies and thus gives you a younger look. Apart from augmenting your youthful appearance this has one more benefit. On first look it makes you appear as a trustworthy person to the people who interact with you, which helps them formulate their first impressions about your personality.

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