5 Ways to Make Eyelash Grow Longer

Mr. lashiq

                Most women aspire to grow longer eyelashes, for the obvious reason of appearing more feminine, beautiful and attractive. This desire can be traced back to times immemorial where Egyptian beauties went through great pains to prepare natural applicator mixtures that could give them eyelash growth of their desired length. However thanks to modern advancement of technology and scientific research, the beautiful women of our times do not need to go through such rigors to grow their eyelashes, and a few natural, cosmetic and maintenance tips can make them achieve beautifully naïve long lashes.

Tip 1: Clean you Lashes Regularly: A longer eyelash growth can only be achieved if they are healthy. In order to keep them healthy you must maintain them dust free, which means brush them more often to get rid of any particle deposits that have accumulated on them. Although the eyelashes may appear to be clean already, since the particles are microscopic in nature and cannot be differentiated effectively with naked eye, brushing the lashes gets rid of the dust which tends to stunt healthy eyelash growth.

Tip 2: Use Castor Oil: Castor oil can be termed as the magic potion which will give you an eyelash growth to envy for. It not only keeps the lashes shiny and smooth, it makes them thicker, stronger and healthy. However you cannot just apply damps of castor oil on your lids in order to grow eyelashes. You need to take a fine brush and delicately apply the oil on the top of your lash. After, three to four hours, gently wipe the lash to remove an oil deposits.

Tip 3: Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a plant known for its skin revitalizing capabilities. It has similar effects on the eyelashes also. Take the fresh gel from the core of an Aloe Vera leaf and apply it on your lashes through a clean mascara stick. Remember this should be applied before going to sleep, since it would require complete night to show its effects.

Tip 4: Remove Your Makeup before Sleep: A common habit which plagues all of us is the tendency to go to bed without removing the external makeup we had so adamantly put on. Nothing can be more catastrophic to the health of one’s eyelashes than this practice. So remove your makeup definitely before going to bed, so that your eyelashes can breathe in open space just like you.

Tip 5: Vitamin E and Healthy Diet: Although these are two different tips but due to their relationship, they are discussed under one heading. Vitamin E is very important for healthy eyelash growth. Just take out the commercial vitamin E available of the shelf and treat your lashes gently with it. Moreover, to grow your eyelashes, longer and healthier you need to have a balanced diet which comprises of an even mix of all vital vitamins and nutrients, which are necessary for the overall growth of the body including the lashes.

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